Thursday, June 6, 2013

Library Display Idea

We use Pinterest a lot at our library for inspiration on displays, new trends, recipes (nothing to do with the students, but good treats makes for a happy library staff), and to try to stay current with what our students are "into".

My co-worker and I decided to create a visual display full of Pinterest pins, personalized for our students! It came out better than I ever expected. Get ready for lots of pics, we could not be more proud of this display!

Up close and personal shot of the display.   
 We had to have a Hey Girl, especially with the huge librarian following he has and we just knew our students would laugh at Steve Carrell being the "pinner".
 Dearest Sheldon had to make an appearance as well!
 We used to create the header of our display. We used recent authors, popular books and upcoming new releases. 
We had Jane Austen promoting our graphic novel collection, so funny!
The display cases for our library are HUGE, filling the space was a big task, but we pulled it off!
I planned to pin this idea to the actual pinterest board to inspire other teachers and librarians to get creative with their marketing, getting students to love and cherish their library experience is what my job is all about!


Mom said...

BEST EVER!! Love it, and so original!

Erin Elizabeth said...

I just love how this whole idea came together. I'm so glad you thought of it--it looks amazing.

Emily Carnes said...

This is GREAT! Good job y'all!

J. said...

I'm still a dunce when it comes to all the social media, but it looks really fun and visually appealing.

Lisa said...

Very creative! I think it will definitely speak to the young adults of the pinterest and facebook generation. Wait! Does that sound old? haha, I use pinterest and facebook even IF I am old. ;)