Monday, June 10, 2013

Happiness Challenge

To say that my faith hasn't been rocked during my life would be a lie. For one to say they have faith without it ever being truly tested isn't to have unshakable faith.
There will always be a moment in our lives where we have to question our belief in God and in His son, Jesus Christ.
We will all go through some roller coaster moments in life. Not only will we experience heartache, we will have to choose daily between right and wrong, good vs. evil.
I have never doubted that the Lord loves me and that Jesus Christ atoned for my individual sins. Not only do I believe that, I also believe He suffered all things that I would experience in this life, not just the sinfulness, but the pain of losing a loved one, broken hearts, chronic and mental illness, cancer, the loss of a limb, He suffered all that we might have joy in this life.
Never once has that been an earthquake in the foundation of my faith.
But I have questioned when bad things happen if I am being punished from God.
I've wondered if karma really does exist and I deserve what I have coming to me.  
But it just isn't true, if you are feeling this way right now, I want you to know it isn't true. You are not being punished.
There have been multiple moments where I have wanted to give up, thought it would be easier to take a different path.
How fun it would be to just never take a chance and watch the world go by, to never act but always be acted upon. What would I learn?
So for this week, I am committed to strengthening my faith and digging a little deeper into the depths of my testimony. 


Susan Case said...

I enjoyed reading your post - we certainly do all have our trials - and triumphs! I found you from MMB Contributors.

Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

What a great post! Unshakable faith is a wonderful and worthwhile goal. It is one that I'm still working on myself.

J. said...

So true. It's always comforting to hear that someone else has felt many of the same things. Not sure why that is :).

Giggles said...

I find that the first faith I question is my faith in myself. I start to doubt my own ability to get through whatever I'm dealing with. I need to do better at remembering that God has faith in me at those times.