Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday

Today has not been exactly "wonderful". But I guess that is why I created this weekly theme in the first place.

My newly 29 year old husband will be spending his birthday, alone. Before you judge me and call me a terrible wife, please understand our situation. I work an evening shift till 9:30 at night, it isn't possible for me to drive to and from for work, so my work week is spent living an hour and a half from my husband. While he is in school full time we see each other on weekends and Facetime (of course). We knew life would be like this with unemployment rates so high, our need for health insurance, and wanting him to get a fantastic education at UGA. We have 2 more semesters to go, woo!

Last week was his week off from school so we saw Iron Man 3, ate yummy Mexican food, had a encouraging future baby visit with Dr. H, and visited Charleston with my parents (promise the pics are coming soon as soon as I edit them).

My mom got into a car wreck on Monday (she is fine, no broken bones of any kind, just very, very sore and very, very lucky, we are very, very grateful). R stayed with us in the ER till 2 AM, picked up groceries for the family, and then drove up to Athens for his first day of Maymester on Tuesday.

He is such a sweetheart for that.

So he will be alone till we can celebrate Thursday night, it should be very low key, but since we are both still recovering from Charleston and a late night ER visit, we will do just fine, thank you!

For his 26th birthday we celebrated with staying at my aunt's lovely home in North Carolina and I surprised him with his matching wedding band.

For his 27th birthday I surprised him again with a cruise!! It was for both of us obviously and we had a blast!

For his 28th birthday we moved to Athens, so not very fun, but I'm sure we had dinner and a cake!

This year, I think we will do this idea from Pinterest and have a Movie Date night!


JJ said...

Happy Birthday to the Mister!

I hope your mom heals quickly.

That looks like a really fun birthday/date idea.

2busy said...

I didn't realize you were apart. That must be so hard! My favorites are movie date nights, but a cruise would be so awesome. How can you top that, really?

J. said...

Bummer. It's not fun being apart. Hope you get a great celebration in when he comes back though.