Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday: Pray for this Lady!

Have y'all heard the story of the Arizona mother of seven who was arrested in Mexico after attending a family funeral?!
This story is just flat out insane, read more about it here.

Now I may be a little bias on this story, because the woman is Mormon, but honestly this is just crazy! They board the bus, pick a seat, and under the seat is 12 pounds of marijuana. This could happen to anybody traveling to and from Mexico, drug dealers plant this crap (yes crap) and then let innocent people take the blame for it.
Just another reason to LOVE this great country.
In Mexico their jails don't feed them, their families do, the jails don't clothe them, their families do...
So this woman has had to buy clothes and food from other inmates in the Nogales, Mexico women's prison.
Oh gosh, we've been to Nogales haven't we?! During a tennis tournament in Arizona we decided to cross the border to check out Mexico. To be frank, it was disgusting.
I can't imagine how this woman feels, so think of her this Wonderful Wednesday and spread the word to get her out FAST!


J. said...

Oh dear. I saw the headline, but I didn't read further. What a nightmare.

Lisa said...

Oh my word! This is so freaking scary! I don't care who you are...It is just not safe to travel to Mexico. Or really anywhere else....I'll be remembering this mom in my prayers.

Allison said...

This is so upsetting! I really hope that this lady gets out of Mexico fast.

Ginger said...

The news just reported that the arresting officers didn't show up in court today. That is good for her. They should hopefully know the judge's ruling tomorrow, but her husband is optimistic tonight that they will release her. We will keep praying for her though!

Jonna Pantelis said...

Seriously how scary! I can't even imagine how her family must be suffering. Can you imagine her kids? So sad!