Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday: I Go Out Walkin'

We have two dogs in the house who get the wiggles when they hear the word w-a-l-k. Sunny starts whining, and her whole body wags side to side. Hercules (Herkie) starts barking and jumping and scratching my leg. Then the littlest, Hannah, who can't make it around the block, barks her disapproval of the whole idea.

It is a mad house.

Whenever I gather them all together I make sure and put my shoes on in my bedroom, once they see the shoes the above can take place.
The other day, Herkie snuck in...

He saw the shoes and did his dance, wagged his tail, until we were finally out the door.

Yesterday morning, I gathered them all up, apologized to Hannah again, and set out on our walk.

I smelled the honeysuckles, delicious!

I saw the inches of grass grown over night after our two days of rain. So green!

I critiqued the dogs on their ability to never catch a squirrel and counseled them on how to "accept the things we cannot change".

And then I thought about what it would be like if humans had tails. Our friends would instantly know when they offended us, we would tuck them between our legs. Others would see how genuinely happy we were to see them because they'd be wagging. And children would know when danger was near by because we could stick our tails straight out (like Sunny does) and point on our paws!

Well I do a lot of thinking while I walk...

So then I thought about how much our own spirits grow after a trial, much like the grass after a rainstorm. Inches!! Just by looking, one could tell inches grew over night. The grass is greener, more bright all because of a little bit of rain.

Our spirits could stand a little rain in order to be a little more vibrant.


J. said...

I wonder if maybe God made dogs to tech us something about ourselves. Sounds like a lovely walk.

2busy said...

We must pass through sorrow that we might know joy...

My dog freaks out at the words walk (she can even spell) and bye, bye. But, if we say bath? She totally slinks away and hides.

Stefani said...

I love the last line of this post. It's the rain that makes things more "vibrant" and stronger. Without it the grass would probably die! It's a great outlook, to think of trials as necessary, instead of punishment or something that only happens to "bad" people.

Great post, Whit! And Josie loved the dog pictures, lol.