Thursday, May 30, 2013

Top Ten Childhood Toys

This was a fun post to write from the link up with Shabby blogs! From what I am about to show y'all, the fact that I was a tomboy till middle school and born in 86, raised in the 90s will be obvious!

In no particular order I give you...

Oh this one was a great idea, let's give kids hot light bulbs and have them shove it through a piece of black paper!

I'm sure my parents thought investing in a Supernintendo was the best idea ever!! I was an only child so playing "games" wasn't an option, unless it was the neighbor boy and we always played outside! Donkey Kong was my life!!!

Did y'all have a Puppy Suprise?! I loved this stuffed dog and her little babies! There was a cat version too, never knew what color the babies would be until you opened up her stuffy insides!

Madballs! I don't believe I owned any of these but my boy cousin or the neighbor boy did, gross things but still.... fun, fun, fun!

I know Fraggle Rock isn't a toy, but this show? This show right here? Was the BEST EVER! I couldn't let this post go by without saying real quick...
"down in fraggle rock, don don, down in fraggle ROCK!"

Super soakers were the go to toy during hot summers hanging out with the boys. These things take forever to fill up!
Giga pets! I had this exact same one and I fed that little dinosaur, walked him, and even cleaned up his poop!

My little pony. Oh my, oh my, oh my! Did I looove my little pony! I would swim with them at the pool, I had all sorts of names for them (even though their name was that little sticker on their hindquarters). One summer my aunt took eye shadow and streaked my white blonde hair with all sorts of colors to make me into a pony !

Trolls...These things are so creepy, but I remember playing with them. They had little butts too haha!

Most of my childhood was spent either outside building forts in the woods or reading a good book. I still remember the story of Dr. Dolittle (unsure if this is the right cover). I remember it being the first, really HUGE book I read.
My mom would take me to the library every summer for their summer reading program, I earned points for a free personal pan pizza... I ate A LOT of pizza that summer!
What an amazing childhood!


Lisa said...

Lite Brite! I had that one...As for the Donkey Kong? Had that as a young mama. I guess that totally dates me... :)

J. said...

Don't remember the Puppy Surprise, but lite brites definitely. And who could forget Fraggle Rock! I did actually until I saw this. Very fun.