Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sweet Little Birdies

Last week we drove the 35 minutes or so to see Dr. H. On our way back into town, we stopped by CVS to pick up the meds which will hopefully give us a miracle in a couple of months. I sat outside in the car, while R went inside, he is a sweet hubby. He is used to the ups and downs of my emotions after an appointment.  
So I sat in the car. And noticed a little bird hopping around on the ground. She was so busy, flying up and down from the sign to the ground gathering sticks, leaves, moss, whatever she could find.

A piece would fall out and she would swoop down to pick it up. I saw the tiny little mouths opening and closing in their little nest. I couldn't help (remember I am emotional) but think that out there somewhere was a little bird who might not be able to have baby birds.
In the wild, not being able to reproduce would be isolating and they'd probably kill her/him off...
With that lovely thought it mind (haha), I also imagined a family of birds adopting a baby bird that lost it's mom.
Or one that fell out of it's nest.
Or a lost bird who couldn't find his way back home. 
Maybe two birds got together and said, let's live it up, fly around and see the world!

I was exhausted after all that thinking so I put on my happy face and stepped out of the car.
I went to the Redbox, got the movie Guilt Trip (really cute and funny) and bought chocolates inside with my sweetheart.


J. said...

Chocolate does wonders!

Jonna Pantelis said...

Isn't it so weird how we perceive things depending on our current situation? You're gonna be a great momma bird :)

Giggles said...

I love bird watching. But it often makes me glad I'm not one.