Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Top Ten Favorite Musicians

I have had a slight writer's block recently. I have so many exciting things to share, like our trip to Charleston. Time hasn't been on my side and I've been a slacker. Post scheduling is our friend bloggers, use it! Don't be like me and get behind!

To fight my writer's block I found this fun linky party from Shabby blogs (shabby chic site where I pull buttons and designs).

These are off the top of my head, little bit of everything, and my iPod music list. 

1. Andy Davis
This soul filled boy from Tennessee always gets me with his music, I own every album.
He rocks the piano, guitar, and in my opinion he sings The Sweetest Thing better than Bono.

2. Andrew Belle
Found this guy through an Andy Davis concert.
R and I have his album memorized.
3. Luke Bryan
His songs make me cherish the South, want a cold lemonade in a Mason jar, and have a good talk on the front porch with my sweetie.
4. Mumford & Sons
Wow. Their music gives me chills. I feel like I have some major English heritage ties, because their music makes me want to "go home to the motherland".
Their folksy, stand up and fight music makes me want to dance in a green field full of wildflowers.  

5. Hilary Weeks
Sweet, sweet Hilary. When I am in the mood to be uplifted and moved by the Spirit of the Lord, to know I am loved and a daughter of God, I turn to Hilary Weeks.
Her song Beautiful Heartbreak... I can't even put into words what that song means to me.

6. Justin Timberlake
WOO! WOO! Woo....
It's safe to say I was the most excited hearing JT was coming out with a new album (and another to complete the 20/20 this Fall).
His music makes me want to dance and work OUT, love it.
7. Adele
Name  one woman who doesn't love Adele.
I dare ya.
8. Carrie Underwood
I've been a fan of her's since she was first on Idol. She was precious then and just as cute now!
Blown Away is by far her best album.
9. Kings of Leon
I have all their music, love it despite the bad language (get the edited version).
10. Workout Music
I love a good beat to workout to these artists give me that and a good sweat at the gym!
YAY for Shabby Blog's linky party!


Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

Great list! I also love #6,7 and 8.

carryfiasco said...

firstly i'm a woman that doesn't dig adele. :P

secondly i might have to check out andy davis and luke bryan! i went to university with a guy called luke bryan! i don't think it's the same guy though ;)

2busy said...

I wasn't familiar with a few of your favorite artists. I'll have to look them up.

Giggles said...

I'm not so big on Adele either, but you've got some great ones on that list. :)