Friday, May 10, 2013

Photo Share Friday

I stumbled upon this website last week and bought this $10 kit!! The kit includes 10 pregnancy tests, 10 ovulation tests, thermometer, and some type of fertility supplement that I probably won't risk taking. I realize that it might seem silly for us to even go there, but pregnancy tests are SO expensive, so are ovulation tests, so yes, it was an amazing deal! We met with our doctor again this past week and received some good news. She is wonderful, a real honest doctor who is trying to help us have a baby as naturally as possible. So in yet another 3 months, we will do more tests to see if fertility treatments are absolutely, positively necessary.
I am obsessed with Al Fox right now. She is a 4 year convert to the LDS church, uses social media to share her conversion story and shares about moving to Utah (feeling like an outsider, we've all been there). If you haven't heard of her, check out her blog here. I follow her on Facebook and she is newly engaged!
R finished his finals last week, YAY! So proud of him for all he has accomplished in school!
We spent Friday afternoon relaxing in Barnes and Noble (he reads car magazines, I read books). It was rainy, we helped clean the church Saturday morning. In our church, members clean the ward buildings each Saturday. Families are asked to do this because it helps us have a better appreciation and respect for the building (i.e. cleaning up the cheerios after Sacrament meeting). The other 3 families assigned to clean along side us made it quick and easy cleaning, later we headed down to my parents for food and fun!
We had a lot, tons, inches of rain last week (I loved every minute). The Oconee Greenway (remember this post) flooded 19 feet over the weekend. For my lunch break, R came to walk down to the trail with me and we couldn't believe all the water!
R scared a squirrel into the water, ever seen a squirrel swim?
I have... it was pretty cute and made it onto a nearby tree.
Same path we bike and walk down, now covered by water. Since these pictures were taken, they have cleared out the water and debris, back to being beautiful!
Sunny is the best dog.
That is all.
After all the rain, everything flourished! Lots of green trees on my afternoon walk around the block.
Yesterday was a bright, sunny day. We took the dogs for a walk and prepared for our trip to South Carolina!
I love highlighting favorite quotes in my Ensign. I blogged about this talk this week on Wonderful Wednesday.
R is the best handyman around! I highly recommend him!
We are taking the pop-up camper to S.C. this weekend and while my dad was driving back from the beach (to visit his mom) last week, the small door flew off! Leave it to R to not only fix it, but make a better looking door than the original! This task included a trip to Lowe's, his favorite place on earth. 
We are traveling to South Carolina this weekend with my parents. A much needed getaway! Can't wait to eat yummy food, walk through the Southern beautiful architecture, and take many pictures to share!!
Happy Weekend!!


Jonna Pantelis said...

I love Al Fox! She's got a beautiful testimony and I love how fun she is. Also, it makes me feel a little more normal to be Mormon and tattooed LOL!

Hope you have a great trip! Welcome to my part of the world :)

2busy said...

Oh I like Al Fox...She is beautiful inside and out and a great reminder not to judge the book by it's cover so to speak...

Rain in Georgia? Never! My son's car slid down an embankment in the rain last week. The ground gave way under the car. He said he laughed the whole time...glad I wasn't there and only hear after the fact, I think...

Stefani said...

You guys are too cute. I loved all these pictures and I hope your new fertility doctor works wonders. I'm praying for you guys!!

J. said...

I'm tired just looking at your puppy. Makes me want a cozy nap.