Friday, May 31, 2013

Photo Share Friday

I always like taking pictures on Sunday when we are all dolled up! Y'all definitely don't want to see me on Saturdays when I am in sweatpants, no makeup, with my hair on my head!
Thankfully, my husband thinks I am beautiful either day!

Stole this mug from my momma... I've been drinking Raspberry leaf herbal tea, no caffeine, organic all the right stuff to "prepare the womb for pregnancy".
Yes, this is exactly what the box says!!!

I had some really great workouts this week, lots of cardio to hopefully lose some poundage for summer time!

Oh yea, coasted from work to home, then hit the gas station on the way to the gym this morning. Close call, but I made it!!

On another note, I have been really humbled by the outpouring of love my conversion story has received. Middle-aged Mormon Man has an annual hug a convert day on June 2nd over on his blog (which I love, he is really funny and has great ways of explaining church doctrine).
 I also was asked by my fellow blogging friend, The Amateur Writer (which she absolutely is no amateur) to share it as a guest post.
I have been SO humbled by all the kind words people have said to me over sharing my story. It isn't an easy thing to share, trust me, I know what stigma people have about my church, I don't live in a bubble!
I just greatly appreciate all the love from fellow converts, members, and even some not of our faith,
 so thank you!

Have a wonderful weekend, hugs to you!!!


Jonna Pantelis said...

AH!! I've been saving all his conversion story posts to read this weekend.. now I MUST go over and read yours!

fakingpictureperfect said...

cute picture all dolled up! :) -Meredith

Ginger said...

You two are such a cute couple! :)

P.S.- Thank you so much for your sweet compliment. That made my day!

Lesa said...

I read your conversion story on Ginger's blog. I'm glad you shared it because I think I missed it here when you posted it. Thanks for sharing. The picture of you two is way cute!

J. said...

Ditto what Lesa said. It was a great story. Love the quote on the mug.

Giggles said...

I've had my share of red raspberry leaf tea in the past as well. I figured it couldn't hurt. I think I'm almost to the point where I need to start drinking it again. I love me a good herbal tea.