Friday, May 17, 2013

Photo Share Friday

My favorite summer food right now is a green smoothie! For those of you turning your nose up at spinach, shaaammmmmme on you! Shame!
Spinach is delicious and even before the huge fad with dark greens, I was eating it because my mom is a lover of spinach! My dad saw my huge pitcher of smoothie the other day and said "Did you drink ALL of it?!" Why I certainly did!
All it is is fruit, spinach, and water, what's wrong with drinking a gallon?!!
Close up on Sunny Day cuddling on the couch. She has been so sweet to my momma this week and hasn't left her side!
The LAST thing any daughter wants to hear the day after Mother's day is "Whit, we are at the hospital, your mom is fine, but she's been in an accident."
When things like this happen I react very calmly, I get things done, make sure everything is in order...
then I totally freak out.
I had a little psycho moment when I went to clean out mom's wrecked car, it was scary to see it and the guys who had the car towed were *insert bad word* about letting me get into the car.
I spoke with full blown feisty ancestors in my blood attitude and got that darn thing cleaned out, permission granted, thank you kindly!
My mom is doing better, she was badly bruised and needs to take it easy for the next couple of weeks/months. We are grateful it wasn't worse and love BMW for keeping my mom safe.
 Lord only knows I can handle so much!
Have a FABULOUS weekend y'all!!


Ginger said...

Oh dear! How scary! I'm glad your mom is ok. Ya, not the call you want to get on Mother's Day. I'm sure it wasn't one of her best. :(

I like green smoothies too. I like dark cherries and blueberries in mine the best with a banana. I haven't had one in a while. I was drinking them every day and got burned out so I had to take a break. I need to start again. Maybe I could lose these pesky stress pounds I keep packing around!

J. said...

What a relief. I hope your momma has a speedy recovery.

2busy said...

I am so glad that your mom was okay! That car looks really bad. Wow! You must have been so worried until you saw her yourself. That's how I would have been.

As for spinach...I don't mind it in a salad, but I've seen it cooked and it just looks like slime. I haven't yet put it in a smoothie. Maybe someday.

Erin Newton said...

Aah! Your mom's car looks horrible. I'm glad she's doing better. I know that was a scary phone call and I'd hate to get anything similar.

Jonna Pantelis said...

Glad your mom is okay!

Giggles said...

Hospital calls are always scary. I'm glad your mom is okay.