Monday, May 20, 2013

Historical Charleston

Over R's break from classes we took a short family trip to Charleston, South Carolina.
The beauty!
The Southern architecture!
The sunshine!
The food!
The bugs...
It was a lovely roadtrip filled with talk radio, R's stories, Mcdonald's stops (their new Pomegranate smoothie is really good) and green countryside.

We were all excited to get away for a weekend. We took the popup camper to the KOA outside of Charleston. My parents have been using KOA campgrounds since our first trip to Washington D.C. They always have the cleanest facilities and the nicest staff.
It was packed for Mother's day weekend!
Our little camper looks so small in this picture. Hard to believe this little guy fits a queen and king size bed, mini kitchen with table, and a tiny living area with TV (KOA had cable, dad was able to watch all the Foxnews his heart desired).
We took all three dogs with us, it was a dog friendly campground. The camper next to us also had three dogs in tow. You can only imagine how fun that was for everybody!
We got to the campground and set up at night, so early the next morning we headed into Charleston to walk around this beautiful, historical city.
Yes, Hannah tagged along while the other two slept off their long morning walk through the KOA's nature trail.
I don't know how many of you have been to Charleston, so get ready for many, many pictures. I know some of my readers are out West (hey Stefani and Emily) and just eat up these Southern posts!
The Southern architecture of Rainbow row is hard to capture on camera.
The pastel painted 1900s style houses are the tourist attraction and within walking distance of anything and everything.
We overheard a horse buggy tour guide say one of the blue houses sold for over 2 million dollars.
 The flower beds and balconies were gorgeous. 
Southern elegance.
While walking around I got some good photography shots like this one. Charleston definitely inspired my photography bug for this summer.
This was a beautiful building for US customs.
If these walls could talk, who knows what stories of imports they would share.
Close by here, we walked through the City Market, or what used to be known as the Old Slave Mart, where slaves used to be bought or traded. The South has a tough history, but history nonetheless, one that I fall in love with over and over again as I visit cities like Charleston.
It was hard to get a picture of this area, it's in the middle of a busy intersection, so just take my word for it that is is a fun place to shop and browse!
We walked out to Waterfront Park and looked out over the water at Fort Sumter.
It was a beautiful day for walking around Charleston, this guy never fails to make me smile!
Caught this little guy flying over the water, such a gorgeous day!
The bridge is so much higher, bigger, larger than it looks. Pictures from there, tomorrow!
Charleston has beautiful fountains and palm trees! Children were splashing in the water, we passed on that little event, but they looked like they were having a blast.
I have no idea what these two are doing next to the fountain. Two goofy guys with a tiny Maltese between them makes for a funny picture!
My sweetheart and I enjoying his time off from school.
We love summer!
Any woman who travels with her spouse and dad know that moment when "times up, time to go, let's eat!"
Ladies a word of advice.
Learn the signs.
Buy them snacks, it keeps them happy, allowing you to walk longer and browse more.
Drinks to go (R holding his water) to keep their mouths quiet while they sip, instead of telling you how ready they are to "head on back".
The first guy pictured has a ready to go slightly irritated face, but could be persuaded if given a piece of candy.
The guy in the background, my dad, has all the classic signs of being done for the day: turned back, keys in hand, no bags, no food, no drink, inches from the car (that is our white truck to the left).
This was the end of our first day in Charleston! 
Come back tomorrow to see more pictures from our trip!


Erin Newton said...

Great pictures!! Can't wait to read about the rest of your trip.

J. said...

What fun. Snacks are goo.

June said...

Totally want to visit here now! Awesome photos!

E said...

This looks like an awesome trip! I wish I could have gone with you guys! I love all the beautiful pictures you took! Thanks so much for sharing them. I really like the Rainbow row houses and the US Customs building. I loved that you told the history behind that building and what has taken place there. I can't wait to see more from your trip!

Jonna Pantelis said...

Great pictures!! Now you have me wanting to go down that way!

Lisa said...

Whitney, it is so beautiful! One day I would like to discover and visit such beautiful areas. As for the pop up camper, thats not camping. ;) I would love to one day camp like that...So much better than sleeping on the ground.

Jet said...

Hahahaha. I love the pic with your dad walking back to the car! It looks beautiful. What a complex history the city has! Looks like such a fun time. :)

Giggles said...

Looks like a wonderful trip! Your take amazing photos.