Friday, April 26, 2013

Photo Share Friday

Let's start this Friday out right with a picture of some food! I've been trying to watch what I eat lately and I am starving (ready, set, laugh!), so pictures of food are fun for me! R fixed dinner for us last Friday, I was all excited to visit him in Athens and as soon as my car hit the driveway I came down with an allergy attack. Watery itchy eyes, sneezing, nastiness, all of the above. So that sweet man made me dinner! Now I just need to work on portion control!
This is a picture of the dogwood tree outside our apartment. Isn't it lovely? I took this through our screen window, gave it a neat effect I think!
Goodness, gracious. No cat loves their human more. Milo could careless if I come for visits, he just wants R. This cat, who is a "catdog" purrs, drools, and has to touch R in some way with his body. We'll be addressing his weight issues next week...
I was able to attend two Body Pump classes and a Body Combat this week and I couldn't be happier about that! I have always loved Body Pump, makes me feel strong! If y'all have a class offered in your area, definitely check it out and watch your form on those squats!
As y'all know, this past week was NIAW week. Sunny Day wore her ribbon for me all week long. This is my favorite picture of her out of the thousands I have taken!
Her eyes are killing me with their cuteness!
I also courageously wore my ribbon to work. Nobody asked about it, but it felt good to wear it anyway. It isn't a topic people want to talk about and I get that, but maybe some of them went home and google searched "blue and pink ribbon means...."
I'm telling myself that to make me feel better, because honestly I don't know what else to say that I haven't already shared!
I took the dogs on two long walks this week. My parent's neighborhood has a hilly 2 mile loop and they love it!
This is from our second walk, she is my best friend always but
especially after a walk!
Lunch! I love Subway. Yum! I did a little research and found out the lowest calorie bread is their Italian. Isn't that weird! Maybe ya'll are like me and assumed the wheat is the better choice, but it's not, it has more calories!
 So I get a 6 inch with Italian bread, ham and turkey, no cheese, ALL their veggies, oil and vinegar, and salt and pepper.
So fresh and delicious!!
Hope ya'll have a sun filled weekend!!!


Julie said...

I appreciate your research on Subway's Italian bread. Who knew? Enjoy your weekend!

2busy said...

It's all that yellow pollen that gets you. ;) I get the same sandwich at Subway. Except on Wheat! Now I know...(but I also add pepper jack cheese) A girl has to have a little fun. Though I swap the oil and vinegar for straight up mustard. Maybe that will even out the calories with the cheese. Always watching those pesky calories...

J. said...

What a sweet kitty. And the pooch is pretty cute too :).