Friday, April 12, 2013

Photo Share Friday

WaBAM! That's my face! The only reason this pic is posted first is because I do these in order from Instagram. Also take notice of my lovely forehead pimple which I still get at age 27 people!
I love my new scarf and that's why I took a picture before work, I think it is so cute and perfect for Spring!  
The sky was beautiful during one of my evening walks around campus this past week.

This little gem is a picture of St. Stephens Episcopal Church, also on the same block as our campus. Milledgeville was the capital of GA from 1803 to 1868. Sherman's army occupied our city in 1864 on his burning cities tour as he was on his way to Savannah. Also know as the "March to the Sea". While here, they kept their horses inside this church (there are markings on the floor from the hooves) and poured molasses down the organ pipes.  Sherman did not burn Milledgeville, some say because he thought it was too beautiful to burn or that he had a "lady friend" here.
Maybe it was both! 
The azalea bushes are in full bloom, all types of colors and they are so pretty!  
Gotta love the randomness of Photo Fridays! I call this my "go go" shot much like Honey Boo Boo child's "go go juice". Heaven help us, she lives 20 mins up the road, I've had friends see her at Longhorn, Chile's, and she trick or treated in my parent's neighborhood.... trust me, I am not bragging.
My Humira pen is for rheumatoid arthritis and it makes my joints feel so much better, the warm weather helps immensely as well!
Thursday I was having a little bit of a downer moment, a little depressed if you will. Apparently it was sibling day, so a lot of people posted childhood photos, which were sweet and cute. But it only added to my feeling of isolation in the social media world.
So I posted this picture with this caption:
"Since I don't have a sibling, ultrasound, happy announcement, or baby milestone pic here's one of pretty trees to make me feel included. If I were a hash tagger I would say: having a pity party, I love my dog she understands, and I am off to the gym b/c it gives me something to talk about in this isolating social media filled world. Ps- expect more pics of Sunny and Milo!!!!!"
It made me feel better and I had a lot of people send me love and happy thoughts, I have the BEST kind of friends!  
Ending on a rather funny note. Wendy Williams. My morning guilty pleasure, so embarassed to share this, but I think she is a crazy, hilarious, loud mouth Jersey girl, and I watch her in the mornings while I make and eat breakfast... for this I refuse to be ashamed.
Happy weekend y'all!!!  


Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

Love all your pretty pics. What is your instagram handle so I can follow you? Have a great weekend!

Jonna said...

Why is it that Episcopal churches are always so pretty and look like they popped out of the middle ages? So pretty!
Second, I don't have a sibling, ultrasound or happy announcement either - so we should have totally hung out and been blogger-siblings for the day!

J. said...

Oh dear. Can't say I've watched any episode of Honey Boo Boo, the commercials did me in before I could ever tune in. That church is just gorgeous! What stories it could tell.

2busy said...

You are beautiful and funny. And I still get pimples at 44. Something about hormones? IDK, maybe when I'm resurrected my skin will be beautiful...

As for the sibling thing? Over rated...Just kidding. I have one brother but he's a guy and we aren't especially close, so I felt lonely on siblings day. I so wish I had a sister, too...

Giggles said...

I don't think I have ever seen an azalea in its natural habitat before, only in bouquets at the grocery store. I love them though. They're such a fun flower. I didn't know they came on bushes.

Ginger said...

You are so pretty! And if it makes you feel any better about your pimple - I'm 39 and still get them. I never had acne as a teenager, but I have had some doozies as an adult! It's normal. Stress doesn't help. :(

I love all of your photos. You definitely live in a beautiful part of the country!

PS - You can be my honorary sister! I have lots of them! :)