Thursday, April 18, 2013

No Big Deal

If one were to ask, "Hey, what'd you do last weekend?"

I would say....
Well, Friday we bought R an iTouch so he could be more connected during his weeks away at UGA (that's right, we still don't have iPhones, but the iTouch does everything we need), Sunny got a haircut, and we watched Duck Dynasty all evening!
Can I just unashamedly admit that this is my new favorite TV show? They are the sweetest family and it is a very CLEAN  show, unless skinned animals gross you out (yuck). Here's a yahoo! article about how these bearded men met their wives...
As far as the content and language it is a great show and at the end they all sit down at dinner, have a prayer, and end on a sweet message. Oh, and it is hilarious!

Saturday, R and I went to the Atlanta Temple! It was a beautiful day and we had a spiritually filling session! We ate yummy food at The Cheesecake Factory and....
OH yeah... and then my dad called and said his friend gave him tickets to the MASTERS!!!!!"

No big deal...
A year ago, my family and I were watching The Masters, R asked my parents how to get tickets to "something like that". They said impossible, can't be done! Too expensive and families pass their tickets down through generations!!

And lo and behold.... dad's golf buddy, who spent the previous week at The Masters and was just too tired to go watch the final round (lots of walking and driving) handed over his tickets to my dad and R.
They left early Sunday morning, dad with extra loaded coffee in hand to spend the day with an extremely excited R!
Herkie watched them leave from this window. Dad usually takes him to the beach in the red truck, he saw them leave thinking he had been left behind. I picked him up and he laid his head down on my shoulder, he was devastated.
They stopped at Huddle House (feel free to laugh here) to pick up their tickets. Dad's friend has kept every ticket to the Masters' he's attended, so they gave them back after they returned.
All we have is photo evidence!
These two were so excited!
The pictures I have are few, since once inside the gate they striped them of everything.
They saw everybody! Adam Scott (winner and a hunk of a man), Cabrera, Day, Woods, Michelson, and R dragged dad around the entire course wanting to get the full experience. For those of you not familiar with this tournament, it is the Superbowl of Golf, it is watched internationally and has been around since 1934. And it is played in Augusta, Georgia. The course is beautiful, green, but with huge hills, they were exhausted when they finally made it home.  
What a legacy!
They brought home some major goodies for mom and I. We have a laminator at work, so I took the maps and laminated them, they had the date and players roster. Something R can show our kids, the day he "went to the final round" with their granddad!
Sunny won't be denied a photo op with their Masters' chairs! 
What an amazing weekend, while the guys enjoyed their day at the Masters, my mom and I caught up on girl time and napped! 
This weekend will definitely be more relaxed with a picnic on campus!


J. said...

Can't say I'm a golf fan, but I can appreciate the moment. Very cool.

Stefani Leavitt said...

Ok, so I know nothing about golf, but even I know this is freaking awesome! Lol. That's so exciting for your dad and R. And I'm kind of jealous that you live so close to your parents!

Erin Elizabeth said...

My parents went to the masters last Saturday. My great-uncle lets them use the tickets for a day or a weekend every few years. Part of that family/generational connection thing. I'm glad your dad and Richard had a chance to go and bond over boring golf.

Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

Sunny makes me smile! Hope you're having a great week.

2busy said...

How did I miss this post yesterday? My husband would have been so jealous...He is such an avid golf freak. He was even watching the masters on his iPad at church!