Tuesday, April 9, 2013

General Conference Weekend

I blogged last week that we had an exciting weekend planned for our church's General Conference. I always like to have fun food and activities planned before the sessions start so that the day is fully packed.

I absolutely love hearing so many inspiring talks all at once! Later, they post the print and videos on the lds.org conference page and all talks can be read in the May issue of the Ensign magazine.

Since Utah is 2 hours behind Georgia time, we get to sleep in before it starts. Between the 12-2 session and 2-4, we took a ride in the convertible with all 3 family dogs, R, and my mom. It was a beautiful day!
We walked at the Oconee River Greenway (aka River walk) which is a nice mile loop along the river and through the woods. They are currently expanding it, which I couldn't be happier about, I love long walking paths!  
R walked our some what chunky little girl. Everybody keeps saying she has gained weight, I don't see it, I just see a lot of extra fluffy hair! Her hair is so white she glows outside, so she blends into the sidewalk in this picture.
Hannah did pretty well on her walk, her little legs didn't take her very far.
R sat in the back to let Sunny and Hercules feel the wind, safely holding on to their leashes.
After the second session on Saturday, we had Sweet Sticky Spicy Chicken with stir fry veggies and salad (say that 3 times fast). We took the dogs on another walk Sunday afternoon, then I headed into the library to work the evening shift. It was a very much needed, relaxing weekend.
Come by Thursday to pick up that recipe and find out what we had for dessert! 

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2busy said...

We went to the Sunday Afternoon Session at the Conference Center. I don't know how we lucked out but we were on the floor just a few rows up from the door that the Prophet and Apostles came through. It was such an amazing experience. I look forward to reading the rest of the talks that we missed later.