Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday: Newsworthy

R and I were driving back from Texas on Saturday, in the dark we passed two men walking in the right-hand shoulder lane. As they were walking against the traffic, our lights glowed over their Army uniforms.
I immediately perked up and said, "R! I think those are the soldiers walking for a cure to cancer! I saw them in the newspaper!"
I told him about the article I read and we both were so overcome with this sweet gesture that I immediately knew I needed to post this story.

 Read the full article here. And learn more about Ruck for a Cure here.

Wayne Whitbeck, an Army scout and James Allred, an ex drill sergeant started their journey in Myrtle Beach, S.C. and plan to walk 3,000 miles to San Francisco, C.A. They are raising money for cancer research for the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. These two men were on the cover of our local newspaper, they walked over Lake Sinclair in Milledgeville (for the locals reading this). Whitbeck's father passed away from a brain tumor last January and Allred's mother is currently battling cancer.

What an inspiration! There are articles out there, like this one, that bring my mind to a complete stop. Instead of burying themselves in their own pain, instead of dwelling in self pity, these two honorable men decided to take action. They are raising awareness.

And that my Southern Hope readers is what
Wonderful Wednesdays are all about!

Blog business: There are rumors that Google Reader will be ending as of July 1st.
I would humbly like to suggest that Southern Hope readers join the Blog Lovin' website.

Reasons I like it better than GR:
Only unread posts appear on your "wall"
You can follow and unfollow blogs very easily
Posting and commenting are easy as well
More user friendly

Go to this blog for a simple way to transfer all your blogs on GR to Blog Lovin'!
I did it in under 3 minutes!


the letter e said...

I love your white background. I'm an old lady, so it is easier for me to read.:)

I'm trying to decide about GR and blog lovin'..what to do that is.

Have a good day!

J. said...

The quotes are perfect. What a remarkable gesture.