Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Help Driving Tour

Oh, what fun, what fun! I have an exciting tour to share with any fans of the book and/or movie The Help!! Jackson, MS was our halfway point on our trip to Texas. The author, Kathryn Stockett is a native of Jackson and references the Belhaven neighborhood in her fiction novel.  

If y'all ever get the chance to stop through, use the links and print out the driving tour directions! If not, you can browse this post to get a feel for what we saw.

While researching fun things to do along our route I came upon this website. There is too much information for me to show on each picture, please go to the website and check out the descriptions. For now, I am just pulling the quotes from the book and placing them under my own personal photos!

Sidenotes on the photos: I realize this is NOT my best work, but we drove through Jackson at night, so I had to lighten up many of these so y'all could actually see the buildings!

Fairview Inn
I was thinking next year we might do a Gone With The Wind theme for the Benefit,” Hilly says, “maybe rent the old Fairview Mansion.

Bailey Magnet High School
My favorite photograph is of the three of us (Hilly, Elizabeth and Skeeter) sitting in the football stands in junior high,all jammed together, shoulder to shoulder.”
Headquarters of the Junior League of Jackson 
The Jackson Junior League Annual Ball and Benefit is known simply as “The Benefit” to anyone who lives within a ten-mile radius of town.”

Power Elementary School
Hilly and Elizabeth and I have been best friends since Power Elementary.
Eudora Welty's House

McDade's Supermarket
“See, Miss Leefolt, she dress up nice ever day. Always got her makeup on, got a carport, double-door Frigidaire with built-in icebox.”
The First Presbyterian Church
“Of course, she’d rather I go down to the First Presbyterian, but Mother’s not one to argue with Christian works...”
We also road throughout the neighborhoods where the character Abileen is described as walking to Miss Hilly's street,
"Come on, Baby Girl", I (Abileen) say after awhile. Let's take a walk ginf uot what's going on." We walk up Devine, turn left, then left agai, and us Miss Hilly's street which is Myrtle."
We saw the Mississippi Baptist Medical Center where Stockett and the fictional character Skeeter were born.
"I was long and leggy and mosquito-thin, a record-breakign twenty-five inches at Baptist Hospital."
We drove down Fortification Street which was named after its defensive role during the Civil War.
"I miss the old days, when you just walk out to Fortification Street and there be the farmers with they wheelbarrows calling out, sweet potatoes, butter beans, string beans, okra, Fresh cream, buttermilk, yellow cheese, eggs. But the Jitney ain't so bad. Least they got the good air condition."
 We saw her parent's and grandparent's house, but I did not want to take pictures of those since people currently live in them. Interesting fact! Kathryn Stockett was the neighbor of the American author, Eudora Welty for two months before her parents moved to north Belhaven.
I'm sure there is much more history and stories with this tour, that I have left out, but I absolutely adore Southern history. So glad I was able to share a little piece with y'all.
I have to give a huge thank you to my patient husband for tolerating my yells of stop and go through the dark streets with my flashing camera!! 


Erin Elizabeth said...

How cool! I haven't done a literary tour in forever--I need to get on that.

2busy said...

That is such a great book. Fun to see picture that bring it to life.