Friday, March 22, 2013

Texas Wrap Up

The Dallas Museum of Art opened their doors to the public for free recently, I happily took the opportunity to go with my sister in law and the kids. The museum has over 22,000 works of art from around the world spanning 5,000 years of human creativity.

We walked through the Ancient American Art, Arts of Africa, Asia, and the Pacific, the Contemporary Art, and the Wendy and Emery Reves Collection. The Reves Collection was set up similar to their home with several items from Coco Chanel's estate, they donated all their findings to the Dallas Museum.

I only took pictures with my iTouch (once again apologizing for their awfulness) of the contemporary art and the outside pieces. Some of the ancient masks looked like they may crumble if I took their pictures!
What do you see?
This was made out of toothpicks and nothing else.

Chairs throughout the years.
When I first saw this, I thought hmmmmm... they may want to clean up a little around here. I was looking at everything as if it were an art piece... there were some questionable benches and some chairs in a corner... still not really sure if that was art or a nice place to sit...
Another beautiful day in Texas!
Interesting, isn't it?

I really enjoyed spending girl time with my SIL while the guys had fun going to the gym and doing "projects" in the garage. Manly men!

 While we were in Texas, we went to a place outside the city for an outdoor hike.
 Y'all know I LOVE a good path picture, I'll probably use this one again for a WW post.
R carried our niece throughout the hike in her carrier. Out of respect for my in laws, I haven't posted any pictures of the children's faces. She is a precious baby and has so much energy, she cries before finally passing out. R sang silly songs and she slept throughout the hike.  
Another path.
 We came up to an opening after walking through the woods, isn't it obvious what a perfect day it was for some green time?!
He wouldn't let her hand wobble, he claimed she would wake up if he let go...
she roped him in very easily with her cuteness!
 We took a break and walked respectfully around a graveyard from the 1800s (more Southern history fun).
As we were walking to the car I suddenly realized my camera lens was gone and started to panic a little. What happened to the strings that used to attach?! Anyway, I found it in the grass, but still grateful that I have a camera strap cover coming with a special pocket for my lens!
And this my friends, is the last of our Texas trip!
We listened to Luke Bryan's newest on the way home.
We stopped through Sam's Club for gas and treats. ($3.34 a gallon is already worth our membership).
Drove by Ricky Bobby's stomping grounds, Talladega Super Speedway.
R bought a new hat during our second stop through Bass Pro Shop, fish bones!
Our Texas trip will be our last huge trip for a while. R and I enjoy road tripping together and take advantage when there is a free place to stay! We loved seeing family and hope to see them again soon on this side of the Mississippi!
Remember the post about the books I planned on reading? Didn't happen. I finished one while we were gone, I was so car sick by the time we got home there was no way I could read! Out of my list, Monkey Anxiety was a no after the first chapter and Always Something There to Remind Me didn't keep my attention.
Maybe next trip I'll do better??
This summer, we are going to Orlando with my parents, we are so looking forward to it!
 For now, we are pulling up our bootstraps (hehe), battening the hatches, Katie's in the back barring in the door...
Get my point?
It's nothing but work, school, and serious business until our next vacation!


the letter e said...

I used to be able to read when driving, but the older I get..I can't do it. I get car sick. :(

I love that toothpick picture. Interesting!!

Madison Thorpe said...

Looks liked y'all had a blast!! I'm loving those pictures of the Texas outdoors and trees and everything. Makes me a little homesick :)

Looking Up!

2busy said...

It's good to have those times to visit family and relax before things get busy. At least you have Orlando to look forward to...

Sarah said...

Great pics! Sounds like a fabulous trip.