Friday, March 29, 2013

Photo Share Friday

It's Friday, Friday! This week flew by for me, even with all the controversial marriage talk, we still made it out alive (and nope, I will not engage in the topic)! This week has been filled with some jaw dropping blessings! Did I just say the word blessings? It's been a while, in fact I typically hate that word because:

A. We shouldn't make right choices just for the blessings.
B. It is a word I find highly overused.
C. Blessings come from God, but I have found in the past that we are also on the Lord's time table, so not all blessings we beg for are necessarily what He intends to give us.
D. I've had a really hard time feeling the blessings this past year, so I feel like the word is almost jinxed.

Here are photos from my week on Instagram (here's why I started PSF):
Blessing #1
My sweet girl, Sunny Day, did not leave my side when we arrived home last weekend from Texas. R and I watched The Bible on History Channel together, she obviously didn't make it.
Blessing #2
I reviewed this book for y'all yesterday and the author, Shellie Rushing Tomlinson, e-mailed me back!!! She is sending a signed copy of her next book: Sue Ellen's Girl Ain't Fat, She Just Weighs Heavy: The Belle of All Things Southern Dishes on Men, Money, and Not Losing Your Midlife Mind. She wrote me the sweetest e-mail saying she loved my "wide opened heart"! I felt so very special, it meant a lot to me!
Blessing #3
When I miss Milo, R sends me a pic from Athens. This is the one he sent, what's up?!!
R (as I write this) is doing a "ridealong" with a police officer friend. That's right y'all, downtown Thursday night with the UGA crowd, go boy go!!
Last week we had an appointment with a perinatal consultant, I lathered myself in calming lotion to prepare myself. At the appointment while going over last year's labwork/medical issues, I was told I lost a heartbeat not a baby, it didn't go over well, we are now seeing a new fertility doctor closer to home, hopefully one with more compassion!  
That morning before leaving, my mama asked me why I smelled like a boy....
Blessing #4
Easter M&Ms and Downton Abbey were my rewards after the day I had transferring records to our new doctor! She will be seeing us this Monday! 
Blessing #5
The next morning I felt like the Lord created this beautiful sunrise on my way into the library, just for ME!
After meowing at our bedroom door during our afternoon Sunday nap, Milo was suddenly quiet... When we came out into the living room, we saw why. He was curled up in my overnight bag.
My co-worker suggested this yummy drink mix! 10 calories made with real limes, delicious!!
Had a KIND bar to get pumped up for Body Pump and Zumba after work.
Blessing #6 (basically for all food in general)
Mama regifted a Starbucks card to me. I bought a Skim Milk Hazelnut steamer and their perfect oatmeal, delicious! I saved the cranberries for later....
Spring is happening here in Georgia and I couldn't be more excited! I LOVE seeing the trees bloom. Some mama birds on campus and at home have been setting up bird nests for their little babies. We have one bird family who every year lay their eggs in the same place on the outside Baker's rack. We love to see those baby birds every year! 
Come by Sunday to discuss the biggest blessing mankind has ever been given,
 a special Easter Sunday post!
Happy Easter!!!!


Jonna said...

YAY! Glad you found my blog and I think you are very right, we should be friends. Not only because my husband is a huge UGA fan but because we are sisters in Zion.. so that means we HAVE to be friends here in the South right? Hey, that's what I'm going with so... :)

Julie said...

Found your blog on MMB and I am so happy to follow along. I love all things Southern so this should go well. :)

Giggles said...

Regarding your comment about the relaxing lotion - the nurse practitioner at our RE's office, who I could tell a lot of stories about, referred to our son as "tissue" when I miscarried. I can understand her needing to distance herself from it because she probably sees it a lot, but he wasn't tissue, he was a baby. Also, I have some calming aromatherapy massage oil like that lotion that I pull out when I need some extra help with my deep breathing relaxation stuff.

We've had a hummingbird nest the last two years but this year we couldn't find it. We definitely have the hummingbirds though. :)