Friday, March 1, 2013

Photo Share Friday

My 27th birthday was this past Sunday, I came home from Athens to a plate full of caramel brownies! My mom loves me and she tried to keep my dad away from them... luckily a gooey middle one was waiting for me when I got home from work.
Just finished reading this political thriller. I've read the Snow Angel by Glenn Beck (it made me cry, so sweet). This one was an easy page turner, I've been getting into the thriller genre lately, so suggest away!
I've been doing more cardio at the gym lately (I've lost 3 pounds), so my stomach is always growling at work. I split these snacks up throughout the day, they were all good, although I could've done without the brownie bar....
Since I eat badly on the weekends with R, I try so hard to keep it healthy during the week. Here is a glass of Lite OJ in my parent's alma mater cup and a plate of egg whites, half a slice of pepper jack cheese, and kale. SO good! Ate this twice this week for breakfast/lunch.
Only here can you see pictures of healthy eating and brownies in the same post, all things in moderation!
Beautiful sunset this week, to the right is our public library, my campus is on the left.
These two sweet babies were cuddling all day on the doggie bed my inlaws gave us for Christmas.


2busy said...

I eat bad on the weekend, too. I don't know what it is...I guess it's just a different schedule and running errands, etc. I love Veggie chips/sticks.

Giggles said...

Those brownies look amazing! Happy Birthday!

lesa said...

I love sunsets and any kind of brownies!