Sunday, March 10, 2013

First Stop Jackson

I packed up our car Saturday with healthy snacks celery, carrots, pears, veggie sticks, cuties, grapefruit cups, and pretzels. R is a bottomless pit so having snacks is a must on any trip.

We made it through Atlanta and Birmingham with no traffic. At the MS rest stop we did some jumping jacks and push-ups to get some energy! We've both been so good about working out daily, hopefully our trip won't mess us up too bad!

R and I made it safely to Jackson, MS in the afternoon. We arrived in time for a hot shower and headed out for some "just us" time. In our hotel lobby we walked into a group of moms with bedazzled shirts, pink bags, hair wigs, and the tiniest Miss America pageant contestants I've ever seen. But wait! They were actually Toddlers and Tiaras girls! According to the hotel front desk, the show was filming one of the girls and the year before they were packed with camera crews with several of the mini stars.

R was happy to see our hotel was within walking distance of Bass Pro Shop. For my out west readers, Bass Pro is like Cabela's but ten times bigger, yes they do exist and it is a redneck paradise. We only look around and have never bought anything there, it's still fun!

We headed into North Jackson for The Help tour (which will be a blogpost all it's own). We came back to have dinner closer to our hotel. One restaurant lost our business after we watched table after table go uncleared and saw dirty plates on the bar. We slept like babies at our Hampton Inn even with the mini divas throwing fits in the hallway (yes this really happened).

We have still not figured out what time it is with the time change and Daylight savings, but we are having a great trip so far. We've driven across the Mississippi River over one of my favorite bridges, seen the swamps of Louisiana and had our taste of Whataburger. Now looking forward to seeing Dallas soon!

*thanks for understanding any typos as I write this on my iTouch : D


Madison Thorpe said...

Enjoy Dallas!! I'm so jealous. I'm from just south of Dallas and Fort Worth. I looooove it there. :)


2busy said...

Love that bridge! Hope you enjoyed your trip!