Monday, March 18, 2013

Back in the Peach State

We are home after a fun week in Texas! We enjoyed the road trip and loved spending one on one time together. I am so excited about the next couple of blogposts I have ready to share! I am still editing a couple pictures from our trip, (side note: many of my pictures are a mixture of Instagram pics and pics from my Canon, so just roll with the inconsistency!).

We arrived Sunday afternoon and had a nice evening visiting with my in laws. Monday we wondered out into the Dallas traffic (aka death by speeding huge trucks). We stopped and ate at In-N-Out burger for R's first ever greased up burger.
 We had a lovely session at the Dallas Temple. This temple is a special place for both of us, it is where R first prepared to leave for his mission and where I later went through to prepare to be married to him in the Washington D.C. Temple. Wonderful memories for us.


The temple grounds are always so beautiful, no matter the temple, the flowers and grass are always well kept and gorgeous!
Afterwards, we drove into downtown Dallas to visit The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza. Wow. This museum was a treasure chest filled with all things JFK. We learned about his presidency, his assassination, the investigation, and the conspiracy theories. They have the window set up with the boxes and everything used by Oswald that day to recreate what happened. The narrator of the tour was a reporter who was at the scene of the assassination, his take and descriptions were entertaining as well.
Top window to the right is where Oswald shot President Kennedy. 
It was a beautiful day to be in Dallas!
Little fact that my SIL shared is Texas is the only state that can fly their flag parallel to the American flag. The wind was blowing, so it was tough to get a shot, but it was a really beautiful Texas flag blowing in the breeze! My dad informed me that one of our relatives helped with the design of the structure of the Dealey Plaza! So neat to hear my parent's own stories on where they were when JFK was shot.
We walked down and found where the first Post Office of Dallas was located. Still stands there today.
We started to have a treat at this bakery, but they were closed! R wanted to show me where he worked when he lived in Texas several years ago. So we stopped by the Galleria Mall. We had a nice dinner and drove back to Mckinney in time to see our nephew's baseball practice.
I'm the type of traveler that likes to fit as much as possible into each day. I figure if we are going in one direction why not hit up multiple places along the route?
How do you live it up as a tourist?


Ginger said...

Your pictures are all so neat! I loved looking at all the cool places you visited. Thanks for sharing your trip! I love when people blog about their trips because then I feel like I've gone on a mini vacation without ever having to leave home. :)

Madison Thorpe said...

Okay, I know I've said this in like 2 other comments, but SO JEALOUS. I love getting to see your pictures of your trip to Texas. :) It's a pretty great place. And I LOVE the Dallas Temple. I remember when I was a little girl thinking that it wasn't very pretty, but now that I'm a little older I just love it so much and think it is gorgeous!! And you are so right, the temple flowers are so pretty at every temple. They're starting to come out (the flowers that is) up here in Provo and it's finally starting to feel like spring...YAY!

Giggles said...

I love temple flowers. They truly are beautiful no matter where you go.

I believe Hawaii can fly their flag at the same level as the US flag as well since they were also an independent nation before becoming a state.

In my life we differentiate between trips and vacations. Trips are when you have people you have to visit when you get there and generally involve a bit more scheduling and stress. Vacations are purely fun and while we might do some scheduling the whole point is to relax and enjoy where you are. :)