Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday: Motivation

All of these posts are coming off of my Pinterest uplifting thoughts board, the best place for encouragement and motivation! I set an alarm this morning to get to the gym early and felt so unmotivated, but I put my shoes on anyway and made enough time for 20 min. of cardio and a Bodycombat class. To put it lightly, kickboxing is totally awesome for letting out aggression, wow, I love imagining hitting all of my problems right in the FACE!!!  
 I've always been an active person, I have fought through my RA and almost have to keep moving to keep my joints from stiffening. The added stress of infertility and doctor's appointments has only given me more motivation to release my moodiness in a healthy way!
The best thing about going to a gym is seeing all the various body types. We are all shaped so differently and we should never compare ourselves to others (although it is SO hard to do). If you are there then you are at the best starting point, so get moving!  
Walking, in my opinion is the best way for a beginner or someone struggling with their weight to lose pounds. I enjoy listening to my iPod, going on walks with Sunny, or at work, or with R at a park. Helps me unwind, talk about things on my mind (or think if I am alone). My cousin recently shared with me that a new study shows a day without exercising at least 30 minutes is worse for your health than smoking.
How crazy is that?!
I hope y'all feel MOTIVATED today and


2busy said...

I love working out. Sometimes I dread it, but when I'm done, I'm feel so good and exhausted. I just bought my daughter a gym membership. She says she feels "tough". I guess that's not a bad thing...

Alissa Collins said...

I do.. I do feel motivated!! :) THANK YOU! I love the first saying... I think I need to print that out the next time I am tempted to quit working out. New follower... thanks for visiting, commenting, following over at one part joy one part circus!