Sunday, February 10, 2013


Long story, short. Facebook reactivated an account that had tons of old Utah photos. I was more than excited looking through and saving all of them. I wanted to share some of the scenic ones with y'all (also for my blog book, I had the printed copies of these but no digitals until now)!
Read my list of the amazing memories I created in Utah!
 Taking good pictures was pretty simple with so much beauty all around!  
 I went through a really big country phase while living in Utah. That's tiny Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley singing Whisky Lullaby.  
 These are from what looked like a junkyard between Salt Lake City and Tooele, UT.
 I had a friend who lived in Idaho.
We took some amazing pictures there.  
I knew I would be moving home to Georgia.
 So I took advantage of every opportunity to take a good picture!
 All of the above are from Idaho.
 Kilby Court in SLC, was a close knit place for indi artists to play. These are some musicians from the Ten Out of Tenn tour.
 Salt Lake in SLC.  
These were taken on a hiking trip to Arches National Park.
 The two lovely girls I hiked a 7 mile hike with in Moab.
 This was a separate trip to Moab, still just as beautiful!
Oh, Beautiful Utah!


Mom said...

I know those pics bring back some good memories for you!

2busy said...

Great pics! I love country music and Carry Underwood, well, AND Brad Paisley. He's cute, btw. Lovely pictures. It is beautiful country out this way.

JJ said...

what amazing photo! I am in awe of all of them.

I really thought the shot of Carrie and Brad is amazing.

what kind of camera are you using?