Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lemon Drops and Divinity

When my parents would tell me "we are heading for the beach next week," I knew it meant I would get to see my family and enjoy some fun in the sun. What I was most excited about was sitting on my grandmother's countertops watching her cook and later hoping she would ask to go for a walk on the beach with me. Or sit out on the front porch swing and talk.

Just us.
I treasure those memories with my grandmother.

Recently a new memory came to mind when I saw these sitting on our counter at home.
I believe it was during Christmas one year when my grandmother and I made the Southern treat, divinity. Well, she made it and I watched her every move. I think it was Christmas because her pieces were green or red colored divinity. I ate so much, I probably ate one for every two she made. She was very patient with me, letting me eat and eat and eat. I made myself sick on divinity. I couldn't even look at the stuff and haven't since.  

I came home last night and saw the sugary sweetness with pecans and melt in your mouth sugar on our counter. My aunt dropped them off after a school bake sale. I took a bite and remembered those fun memories with my grandmother. I also remembered the upset stomach and nausea I had, probably from a sugar induced coma.

Then I remembered the Lemon Drops....
My grandmother one year had a jar of lemon drops on her counter. Maybe it was the excitement of watching her cook as I popped them over and over again into my mouth. I didn't realize until it was far too late how many I had actually eaten.

All I know is my grandmother is a wonderful, beautiful woman. She taught me a love for cooking and exercise. She raised a hard working, funny man who became my father. When people sit down at her table, they beg for her classic meals and companionship.

But when it comes to candy, the woman has scarred me for life from lemon drops and divinity! Those two items will never touch these lips!

Maybe... that was her intention all along, to scare me away from those sugary treats!
Happy Valentine's Day
Southern Hope Readers!!!
I will be spending it at work and then with my dog, Sunny. R has classes today and tomorrow in Athens, so we will be celebrating our day on Saturday! Treats and blogposts to follow!