Monday, February 11, 2013


What is it about a house that stirs up so much emotion within our hearts? 
Is it the wallpaper painting the rooms? 
The furniture holding memories of those who have visited? 
Is it the rugs who have years of tracks worn into them?
Today I want to talk about my home.
These are the woods I ran in as a child. Can you make out the faint lines of a worn in trail? It's grown in now, but I ran down that path daily.
 This is the window my mother looked out of when I was hooked in the neck by our cat, Tom. Inside that window is where my mother has dressed for the last 24 years. That's the bathroom where she rolled my hair, applied makeup for dances, and catered to many of my illnesses.
Our home was always a welcoming place for my friends. My parents were all about "giving us our privacy." The American flag has always hung outside our carport, a sign to all who visit that we honor and love our country.
These are the shrubs that yearly have to be clipped, I did my share of yardwork when I was younger. My mom would stand outside and show me where I missed sticks and pinecones that needed picking up. Do you see all our trees? One could never pick ALL of them up!
There lies the painful hose. We have fought with that hose for over 20 years. It is too close to the brick, so it scrapes our hands when we have to turn it on. Then comes the task of wrapping the hose back up, washing the car was an all day ordeal.
This is the view off of my parent's deck. My dad would tell you that this is is the same deck we "fished" off of for a birthday party. We had games all over the yard, it was one of the best birthday parties, we still talk about it!
This driveway has seen many boys come and go, friendships last and end, tears and blood have been split on her surface. She's seen families visit to celebrate, pictures taken before dances, and motorcycles, skates, and bikes have rode her path.

I know that one day my parents will sell my childhood home. As much as it pains me to think of, it doesn't seem to bother them as much. You see, they were both raised in Air Force families traveling from home to home, picking up when assignments were requested. It wasn't until they were married and had their own family (me) that they settled into a home for over 20 years. That was their plan, to give to their child the memories of a childhood home. Mission accomplished! I have grown very attached to our house over the years. 

I know every hole in the yard, I know which path leads where in the woods, I know where my dad laid our pets to rest, and where the hammock used to swing, I know where we set up activities for birthdays and wear tears were cried in the driveway. I know where bruises and bloody chins were made and where happy, happy memories were permanently printed onto our hearts.

The day will come when they will sell. Tears will be shed, but a new future will be in store for all of us. As my parents prepare for retirement, R and I will prepare to be parents and what a wonderful journey it will be for all of us!


2busy said...

I cried when my parents moved from my childhood home. What's worse is that they moved away from the state, so I really couldn't even visit. Well, easily, anyway. But, remember a house is just a house. You will always have those sweet tender memories and the feelings of love held there.

J. said...

I think houses start to take on the soul of the people who live there. Fortunately our house now has a good "soul."

Mom said...

This was very hard to read because so so so many memories come flooding back - like there was this cord in the hallway that pulled down some stairs to the attic, and everytime whit walked down the hall she would jump and try to slap it- and the day she finally did? oh my gosh you would have thought she saw Santa coming down the chimney! she was so excited...then, her dad and i were depressed when for so so so long she could not reach the light switch no matter how high she tippied her toes! then came the day when she did, we knew at that point our little baby was no longer and watching her grow up from that point on was one exciting adventure after another! this was one very special post i will re read over and over