Thursday, February 7, 2013


My husband is a really social person. If we walk the park or go to dinner or go anywhere, he will always talk to at least one person. Just like my daddy.
Must be the Tennessee in those boys!

So this past week I noticed a pattern in where R was receiving some of his information. A typical phone call would go a little something like this,

"I heard that movie is really great!"
Me: "Oh, really? Did your friend see it?"
R: "No, I overheard some people talking about it on campus."

After about three or four times of hearing about these "people talking on campus" I finally asked him one day on the phone.

"R, are you eavesdropping on people?!"

"Oh yea, do it all the time, especially on the bus, that's when I get the most info. People talk about the weather, oh by the way this cold weather is supposed to be gone by Thursday next week, and the movies coming out, what celebrity couple broke up, oh, and I heard that gym you were thinking of going to has a great Zumba class!"

"R, where are you right now?"

"On the bus..."

"So while you are on the bus, you are telling me how you eavesdrop on people's conversations while ON THE BUS?!"

"Yea, so?"

UGA students, you've been warned...


2busy said...

That's a funny conversation. But, if you have it in public loud enough for all to hear, then is it really private?

Mom said...

Hilarious! I can just see him saying that and not caring that anyone heard him at all, too funny!! And I agree with 2busy! Must be just a big party going to class, trying not to talk about the next exam coming up.

J. said...

Guilty as charged too!

Giggles said...

It is not uncommon for us to be out at dinner (generally at Olive Garden, not sure what it is about that place) and for me to quietly tell my husband, "You should hear what the people at that table are talking about!" It's amazing what I've learned about complete strangers just by listening to their supposedly private conversations.

And the conversations I overhear on the bus that are the most memorable generally have to do with parole or time in jail. I've heard some good ones.