Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday: Southern

I almost let today go by without sharing my weekly Wednesday post. I am home with a cold, doped up on NyQuil so this is coming to y'all from bed.

I love the South.
I love the smell of fresh cut grass and wet pavement from rain.
I love how the clouds part for the sun in the fields.
I love it when students call me mam.
I love the green trees.
I love cowbells on gas station doors and the signs posted for fish bait.
I even love the smell of cows and livestock!
I love how people wave, others let you go first in line, and we talk and talk and talk to total strangers.
I love the South and that is uplifting enough for me this week!

Here are some Instagram shots I took this week. My friend Emily and I are sending daily pictures of our environment (her in Utah, me in Georgia). I have loved sharing what I love about GA with her and seeing pics of beautiful Utah!


J. said...

Awesome photos!

2busy said...

My son is on a mission in Georgia. He is the Georgia Atlanta North Mission. Anywhere near you?

JJ said...

what a cool thing to swap photos with a friend in another state. I might have to have a friend jump in on this with me.

I love visiting the South, but love being from the North.