Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Really?!? Really. Really!

Our dog loves a good walk. We say that special word and she goes nuts!
We can hear her saying, 
"Are you sure? Really, really sure?"
"Where? Where?"
"For how long?"
"Are the other dogs going too?
"How many butts will I get to sniff?" 
"I'll finally get to catch that squirrel this time!"
 She loves them, more than table scraps, more than playing with her cat, Milo, more than a good chewy, but not more than cuddling with me under the blanket, that would just be crazy. She's a momma's girl.

This past weekend we took her to the local park. Nobody was around, so we let her off the leash. Yes, that is her heavenly glow around her, she is hard to photograph because she is that white!

This is as far as she got, she has a little anxiety disorder, kind of like her momma, and doesn't go too far from the pack.
I'm sorry, but this picture made me laugh. She looks crazy! Or like she is dancing the two step!
We were bundled up tight, the wind made it a chilly 50 degrees here in Georgia this weekend!
What's perfect for dinner after a nice walk? Bear Creek's Minestrone soup (8 cups of water $3.50 a package, and we eat for days) and yes some cornbread, because we are Southerners and that's just what we do! I did not eat this entire plate, but R made an attempt.
Back to this sweet girl.
Who could deny that face?

When we were visiting my aunt in N.C. we took her and Hercules (AKA Herkie, Herk, or he who likes to pee) on a walk down by the river.
It was a great place to trump through the mud (it rained the day before) and let the dogs feel they were in the wilderness, but not really in the wilderness. They thought they had hiked Mt. Everest by the time we were done.
Sunny in her precious Christmas sweater.
Part of our walk was gravel, some not so much.
This might sound a little weird, but I feel like sharing...
Sunny and I are soulmates.
Yes, I just said that.
She is a natural blonde with freckles.
I too am a natural blonde with freckles.
She has blonde eyelashes, I do as well.
She scares easily...
 I *cough* do too.
She loves a good nap and a good blanket to sleep under.
Yep, me again.
So there you have it!  
From day one, we were meant to be besties, she has been such a wonderful blessing to have in our family!


Mom said...

love my two girls! great pics of a happy little family - although i can hear milo grumbling "what's for dinner?" and "where's my daddy?" in the background!

J. said...

She is so cute. Our dog would go wild when we said walk. We had to start calling it a "W" to each other so he wouldn't know but then he figured that out too...oh well...

Jessah said...

What a sweet pup! Love that face.