Monday, January 7, 2013

Missing My Target at Target

Saturday morning R and I had an early morning church activity. Yes, 9:30 AM is early for the two of us and no we don't have kids that wake us up at 6 AM on the weekends (thank goodness!!!). We had a Primary breakfast with our new group of students, who are absolutely precious and wonderful. 2013 is going to be OUR year!
Afterwards, we were totally awake and pumped so we decided to go for a Target run.

I wanted to pick up some Chamomile Tea after my mom suggested it for calming me down after my evening shift (our winter quarter started today and I usually get home around 9:45 PM). We walked through, bought the herbal tea (that smells like heaven) and a Cami tank for my church outfit in the morning and checked out.

We packed ourselves back into the car and suddenly I remembered what I REALLY wanted from Target, (cue the bad music: don don dooonnn)
weight scale. I've decided to start weighing myself every morning so I can keep track better, this whole waiting till the annual doctor's appointment is not working out in my favor!

R was not going back in there, so he headed over to GameStop (a man's paradise), while I went back into my Wonderland.

I started in the beauty section, seems about right... Skinny equals beauty. Ended up grabbing some Elf eyeliner and blush.

Headed over to the bathroom area, browsed the shower curtains (way too expensive for our apt) couldn't find the scale, so walked over to the sports/outdoors.

Trying to be healthy, makes sense to have it over in the sports equipment, right?
Ended up getting this:


Finally after 15 minutes of walking and browsing, I asked a nice Target lady where they could possibly be. I made a head gesture with my two fingers standing on a my flat palm and said "you know like the kind you stand on and it weighs you?" I didn't want her to get confused with the kind that weigh food or large farm animals.
She looked at me like I was crazy and said I was in the "F" section and should be in the "C" section... Target has alphabetized sections?
 The magic never ends.

So I retraced my steps back to the bathroom items area and in a corner off to the side were the scales. I swear it was like they were hiding from me.... not sure what that means...

Around the same time I found them, R found me with my basket full of goodies, he had been waiting outside for who knows how long.

Guess that's just what happens when one can't find the target inside of Target.