Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's True

That I share a bathroom with my dad. We've been sharing a bathroom since I was little enough to want privacy and started blow drying my hair. I grew up with my vanity in my bedroom, tiny mirror with lights (o yea) while dad combed and put mousse on his balding head.
I'd cover myself with a towel and run down the hallway to my bedroom to step into my military uniform. My first time using makeup, my dad (who drove me to the same school where he taught) turned to me and said "that's a little too much blush, Whit". He would later laugh at me as I'd pull out my moisturizer in the truck and try to hydrate my dry fair skin.

When I later broke my dad's heart and moved to Utah to attend BYU, far away from my dad's shaving cream and razors (you better believe I cut myself shaving for the first time with my dad's razor), I then had to learn to share a bathroom with roommates.

Roommates were far worse than my dad. They had creams, teeth bleaching systems, hair rollers, straightening irons, lotions, bubble bath, and a huge assortment of eye shadows. For 3 years I shared my space with some wonderful women, some who became life long friends. Amazing what a bathroom can do.

Here I am an additional 3 years later and I now share a bathroom with my dad 5 nights a week and one with my husband 2 nights a week. Is it a sacrifice? Yes, living apart from my husband while he attends school and I work at a wonderful job to provide for us, yes that is a sacrifice for us both. But the bathroom? No, not really. This is my normal!!

R and I have never had a fight over the toothpaste cap being off or who should change the toilet paper roll (duh me). I do get grossed out when there are face whiskers in my sink, but hey I've got the experiences given by my dad to get through it!  

I dream of the day when I can dress in a walk-in closet and leave my makeup and curling iron on the counter. A bathroom filled with candles surrounding a huge bathtub, just for me. When I can use real lighting to cover up my already forming wrinkles and have a lovely laundry basket right there, in the same room to place my dirty clothes.

Although, I have a feeling I will miss seeing my dad's towel hanging on the shower door.


Jessah said...

You're working towards that walkin closet and two sink bathroom. ;) Itll be here before you know it.

J. said...

I miss my walk-in closet! So great that you are close to your dad. I don't know what I would do without mine. He gave us a scare a few days ago though.

Giggles said...

I love a good bathroom. If there's anything I truly covet, it's a fancy bathroom.