Thursday, January 31, 2013

In The Water

Last Saturday R and I attended the baptism of one of our Primary students. I love going to baptisms more than any other activity at church. We make a big deal out of them. It is typically an individual but sometimes (really special times) it will be an entire family. There are no mass baptisms in our church, each one is sacred and special with baked goodies afterwards!
A baptism is turned into an entire program attended by the ward, celebrating that person with an opening prayer and song, an uplifting message, sometimes a video about the Savior or an event in church history, and then a closing prayer and hymn.
At this particular baptism, a woman played the violin with a piano accompaniment. My eyes filled with tears as I felt a sweet spirit. I love my church, I love everything about it and every time I attend a baptism I remember those special feelings I had almost 10 years ago (we will definitely have to do something special for my 10 year anniversary this August). I have learned deep truths embedded in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but I have also endured life changing events happily and successfully because of the support of my church family.

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2busy said...

Congrats on 10 years!