Friday, January 11, 2013


Somebody loves his sister's doggy bed...
He slept like this for an hour or so.
Think it is big enough for him???
Looking at this picture I just noticed how huge his gut is, we really need to work on that.

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Kate & Alex said...

You also changed your blog! It's gorgeous! It's like a mini-scrapbook, so kudos to you. Thanks about my skin (bless you!). I'll be honest, I'm sure the lighting was just decent. However, I gave up my beloved Diet Coke with Lime habit (no soda, carbonation, caffeine, no fun!). I did it to save money and to help my skin. My skin was looking so dull! I replaced it with water and I (this is gross) rub vaseline on my face every night to combat the dry, Utah weather. It's helped a little. I could sooner be a man than a vegan. I like my meat too much. :)