Monday, January 21, 2013


My cousin needed some overnight babysitters this weekend. Since R was down for the holiday, we packed up a "bag of fun" with my mom and headed over to their house about 30 minutes away. We played outside all morning on Sunday and after they had a nice long nap (me included) we played with play-doh, silly putty, and colored. Yes, yes. I was probably more excited about the play-doh than the boys.
R is something of an artist. He can draw anything and has a way apparently with play-doh. The following pictures are what we created after R's tutorial.
His dinosaur...
Our dinosaur....
His "land monster" is on the right... our is on the left...obviously.
This little guy was a total accident and was the beginning of the monster... until we saw the crack in the doh, then it got really funny. Lots of giggles with little boys.
I hope y'all laughed at much as we did while we were trying to recreate these play-doh animals.
I took this in the AM after 24 hours of babysitting things were getting a little crazy.
We had a really fun time being with our little cousins!


J. said...

You guys are great babysitters! My little one told me to go back to the temple the other day when we got back because she wanted the baby sitter, who'd been playing with them all day, to stay. Not sure how I should take that :).

2busy said...

How awesome of you! It does sound like fun :)

Erin Elizabeth said...

It's been forever since I've played with play-doh. I'm jealous