Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Brown's Goals

Happy New Year!!
I tried to find a goal list from 2012 and to my surprise did not find one in our blog archive.
I did however find one from 2011,

Did I actually go through last year without having any goals?

2012 will always be a year I look back on as a dark time in our lives. It never really felt like we climbed completely out of the hole. I always had the feeling of never standing on solid ground, emotions were unstable, stress was out of control, and broken hearts were freshly raw each month.

I hope 2013 has more in store for us. I am very hopeful that things will be better, they have to get better! To start this new year off with positive ideas, here are some new goals for our family!

This new year our ward schedule will change so I will be at church less, since I work at the library when the college is in session. I will still attend Sacrament meeting, so that is a relief. I have set a personal goal to study the Book of Mormon Student Manual on Sundays so that I can feel spiritually uplifted at the start of each week.
R teaches the Primary class 8-11 year olds, so his goal is to be prepared!

Read ADHD Effect on Marriage together, even if it takes us the whole year!
2012 really proved to us how strong we can be together. We are an awesome team, hard times brought us closer not further apart.
With that said, I won't be praying for us to have a stronger marriage... might bring on another trial!
More road trips!
Plan a weekend getaway once a month.
Attend the temple as often as possible.
Try out new recipes and cook together.

There are a couple new ideas I want to try out at the library. So far I've held onto the Movie Night series each quarter and we had a semi successful drawing.
This year I need to pump up the circulation in the stacks and figure out how to address more student's needs.
I also want to make a decision on future education plans.
R is feeling really great about his Criminal Justice major, so no changes there.

I would like to do/start at least one of my L.I.F.E. goals and hope to add more as I feel inspired.
Try harder with budgeting and increasing our savings.
Walking, I need to do more walking this year. At least an hour a day 4 times a week. I think that is an obtainable goal.
Eat better foods, more veggies less breads and sweets (I have a serious problem and probably need to enter a rehab for sugar addiction!).
Attempt more DIY Pinterest Projects.
Get more creative with my blog design. I change it at least twice a year and I am feeling the itch!
Make it to more UGA sporting events besides football.
What are some of your goals for 2013?!
Let's help encourage each other in becoming the best we can be this 2013!


JJ said...

I'm feeling the itch for a new blog design as well.

Happy New Year!

Good luck on all your goals this year.

J. said...

Less sweets should be one of mine. Can't say I've gotten there quite yet :). I think for me balance is going to be key. I need more balance in my life.

Giggles said...

Two years ago I set a goal to only have desserts two days each week. And completely blew it because of my calling with the youth at church and the strange tradition we all have to have desserts after every activity. I was blown away with how much dessert I actually eat when I actually started tracking it.

Last year I made the challenge to only have on average 1.5 days of dessert each week. And I started leaving activities without any refreshments, and when I was in charge of refreshments I started bringing fruit and veggies (which disappeared just as fast, if not faster, than the sweets). And I came in under my goal!

I decided if I was limiting dessert I was going to make it count, Krispy Kremes win out over grocery store brownies, cheese cake wins out over cookies.

Simply counting my desserts made a huge difference (so did counting my fruits and veggies, which, thankfully, increased)