Monday, December 24, 2012

Twas the Night Before Christmas

I spent the past week in Athens with the hubby. I cleaned, baked (chocolate chip and double chocolate with white chocolate morsels cookies, and banana banana bread), and decorated for Christmas.

We had a doctor's appointment which I will update on later and went to Callaway Gardens. We watched movies and survived just fine with no Internet or cable. Hence the reason I did not blog this past week. Y'all were stuck with two previously scheduled Wonderful Wednesday posts (which were awesome of course!). We had a nice visit from R's folks and little brother, they stopped through on their way to Texas to visit my sister in law.
Milo enjoyed their company.

We are now up in North Carolina in my aunt's mountain cabin, listening to the rain fall through the Great Smoky Mountains. My plans to go walk the river walk were cancelled, poor Sunny is dying for a good, long walk. So am I. Till then, we will be spending time with family and enjoying this wonderful Christmas Eve!

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J. said...

North Carolina sounds like a great place to be on Christmas. Haven't seen to much of it, but what I have I loved.