Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Starter Weekend

I took a screenshot of this, I hope y'all can read it. If not, send me an e-mail if you want the recipe! 
R and I went to our ward's Christmas party this past Friday. Christmas Around the World! We were Ireland and I spent the days before making Irish Soda Bread. 

I was told to make enough for 150 people. We ended up with 3 loaves left over, two I gave to a family in need, the other I saved for my parents. They were dying to have their own! 

We were told to make a table representing our country (we picked Ireland because it is a place we want to visit one day). I was SO proud of what we put together in under a week's time, with working full time and finals for R. Other people had power points set up and wore outfits from their country. It was really neat and I just love our new ward! 
They had a photo booth set up. R and I are really good at taking silly pictures. 

They had a live Nativity and a petting zoo set up outside. Y'all know how we love the animals! 

And mini pigs, so cute I wanted to take them all home with me!

Saturday morning R worked at the Christmas tree farm. Crooked Pines Farm had their third annual Christmas celebration. They had a chorus sing, petting zoo, ponies for the kids to ride, and of course trees for sale. I missed all of it due to a plumbing problem in our apartment that had to involve our landlord. My mom and aunt took the boys to the farm, so R got to spend time with my sweet nephews! 
Doesn't he look so good with kids?! 

What a great way to start our Christmas break! 

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J. said...

Well, Ireland is one of my favorite places. My brother lived there for a while and it was the first place I visited outside the U.S. The soda bread looks scrumptious.