Monday, December 3, 2012

Bye Bye November

After work on Friday I took a nice walk around the outskirts of our campus. We have a couple hills that really get my heart pumping and it is a nice way for me to unwind from my day. My mom needed help cleaning out her garage for Saturday's yard sale. We filled an entire truck bed high to the rim with items. 
We finally sat down around 8 PM, when R came home with a bearded face that needed to go bye bye. 

He definitely promoted Men's Health this Movember, but wow... 
I think next year we may go with a creepy mustache. 

Saturday while R went to work on the Christmas tree farm, my mom and I helped some family members with their yard sale. With a pretty good turn out I might add! We went grocery shopping afterwards and picked up game day food. We had a feast waiting for R when he got off work. 
Those are my toes wrapped up in a UGA snuggie. 
He wasn't able to make it until about 5 minutes were left in the game, but we all enjoyed yelling at the TV for over 3 hours. 
We had Chickfila chicken nuggets, Cheesy Football, boiled peanuts, 7 layer dip, deviled eggs (her best ever), and food for dipping. 
I really enjoyed throwing all of this together, makes me happy to hear the hmmms and ahhhhs coming from my family members while eating. The leftovers on Sunday were even better! 

This weekend was full of real Southern family traditions: food, yard sales, and football. 
Now we all look forward to throwing our support behind Alabama to become the BCS Bowl Champions! 

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Giggles said...

I love a good football spread.