Saturday, December 29, 2012

3 Years Today!

Real marriages are built upon foundations of

squeezing into one bedroom apartments,
moving 3 times in one year,
adopting pets,
late night emergency room visits,
commuting to work places,
recipes gone bad,
utilities gone bad,
deaths in the family,
empty refrigerators,
backed up toilets,
infertility bills,
fighting till the wee hours of the morning,
car wrecks,
chronic illness,  
arguing with family members,
church callings,
Christmas planning meetings,
weight loss,
weight gain,
bad news at the doctor,
and lots and lots of tears.
Real marriages are not born out of “playing house”, the dating period can’t prepare one for what happens in a real marriage. For the experiences  endured together. It’s those experiences that tied us to one another, because nobody else in the world can understand what those moments felt like for us. Being able to smile, laugh, and share those experiences with someone else is what makes marriage wonderful! Knowing each day, no matter what the world throws our way, we have each other, we have the support of one another. Our experiences show that we are LIVING LIFE and we are enjoying every minute of it!
Three years later I would still make the decision to kneel with R and say “yes”.  
Because a real marriage is when one can look back on those wedding day pictures, knowing what the future has in store and still say proudly, “With you, I’d do it all over again”.  
Happy Anniversary!!!!!


Jessah said...

Happy anniversary Whitney. Beautiful post and so true.

Madison Thorpe said...

Aww that's so sweet! Congrats to y'all both! :)