Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 Our Blog Year in Review

I read a ton of other blogs and got the idea from The Ever-Changing Life of a Military Wife to do a post about our exciting adventures during 2012.

We were a couple months into the doctor involved part of our infertility journey when I wrote "Entitled to What?". 1 in 8 couples are diagnosed with infertility (defined only after a couple has tried for a year at our age). This post was a great way to vent my feelings without getting too personal.  
R started at UGA and I took a part time job in Athens with OPTSR, "What's New" is one of those posts I will cherish later in life as a good journal post. Those were fun times! We also started our fitness goals this month, Pilates and Zumba were my favorites (Zumba still is, but Bodypump has replaced Pilates now).
Things were quiet on the blog in March.
I wrote a personal post about "Our Struggle Together". Although a couple of people have questioned my need to write about our personal experiences, I had even more positive comments and e-mails from women who were grateful  I was able to write what they couldn't.  
We were "Busy, Busy, Busy" with moving to our cute apartment in Athens, R in school, and I was working part time and full time! Our niece Daphne was born May 30th, which was a happy day for the entire family!
I was deep into my Pinterest addiction over the summer. We had a "Pinterest Weekend" with lots of food, so glad to have a hubby who is willing to try anything! We found the cute park for Sunny and repainted our furniture for the new place. R started his job with the Watkinsville Georgia Aquatic Center and I started "Therapy Driving" in dad's convertible!
We went to visit our new niece in Texas and attend her baby blessing. We made a quick trip of it, we were exhausted when we got back, but it was worth it! The day after we got back from Texas I went for my laparoscopy and hysteroscopy surgery in Augusta. Whew! I read and reviewed some great summer reads and wrote another personal journal post.
The Chick Fil A controversy happened in August, so I wrote "Chicken and Marriage" to express my feelings on the situation. "Walking on Sunshine" showed how I completely and totally have no idea where this life is taking us, but I am along for the awesome ride! I guess August was just filled with self evaluation, because I also wrote a review and my thoughts on the book "When Bad Things Happen to Good People". I now have a personal copy and recommend it to anyone going through a hard time. Then I created my L.I.F.E. goals list, which will still being added to yearly! Things were getting really political in August, and I wrote a post about a woman I greatly admire and still do even though her husband did not win, Ann Romney.  
We attended one of my BEST friends weddings in Salt Lake City. There are several posts about our Utah trip, here, here, here, here, and here!!!! Whew! We had an amazing time and I loved seeing Emily, she is a sweetheart and an honorary southern girl!
I blogged about one of our ADHD adventures, "Here We Go Loopty Loo" and we celebrated ADHD Awareness Week. I also celebrated making it through my estimated due date and celebrating our growth of those past 6 months. We enjoyed General Conference, I attended a library conference for work, my mom and I volunteered (and I took some amazing pictures) at my aunt's Heritage Festival, and we went to Time Out for Women in Atlanta. I began my first ever Wonderful Wednesday post, my way of always giving my readers an uplifting, motivating posts on Wednesdays! Last, but not least, I wrote "How Does She?" after feeling inspired by my life experiences to share how we survived them.
We started seeing a new doctor and prepared for the holidays! We wrote up our Gratitude list and visited the Christmas lights at Lake Lanier. I practiced my first ever family photo shoot for my cousins! And wrote yet another personal journal post about my feelings on being alone over the holidays. So grateful for family this year!  
We partied it up this December with family visits, Christmas lights, church parties, our faith and food, food, food!
What an AMAZING year it has been, I really didn't realize all we did this year until I created this post. SO glad I did, because it really has been an amazing year! I have a different attitude than when I first began this post, what an amazing year!
Bring On 2013!! 

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