Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday

Welcome back to our weekly Wonderful Wednesday post! 

All of these came from my uplifting thoughts board on Pinterest which is almost as big as my recipe board
I just love inspiring quotes and feeling uplifted during the day!!!! 

I felt like my readers may need some encouraging Pinterest posters! 
This rainy winter weather has us all feeling a little down. 
Are you feeling as guilty as I am about what all you ate over Thanksgiving? 
Are you in pursuit of your L.I.F.E?  
Or are you dealing with something heartbreaking in your life?
 A trial that just won't let up? 
Good things are ahead, we have to hope for better things to come. 
What else is there to hope for?
And as always, remember people are prone to mistakes, we unintentionally hurt others every day. 
Let's not make our situations worse by fighting, belittling, and hurting those we love. 
Words can cause more pain than physical blows. 

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