Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday: The Keys Crisis

Friday, I drove over to the Health Center to meet R after his classes. On our way to the parking lot we noticed a girl standing next to our car and a parking lot monitor (I guess that is what they are called?) looking into her windows. We have seen the look on her face a million times. She was locked out. We flew over like two superheroes and announced to them, "we are experts, move aside", because well, we are professionals at locking ourselves out of places.
R immediately stepped into action, while I tucked away our own belongings and secured our keys. We helped her for over 30 minutes trying to get into her locked down tight Toyota.
She was distraught about paying for a locksmith, which the parking monitor told her would be at least $100. I kept reassuring her that my husband was the man for the job and told her, "you are the luckiest girl I know".
The monitor made his feelings known while sitting in his shaded golf cart: "wow, you owe them dinner," "you should buy them some drinks after all this," "take them to the Mexican restaurant downtown," "do you have insurance in case they break your door?" and "give them the $100!"
It made me sad, it was obvious to me, he was shocked to see two people sacrifice their time (seriously y'all we were sweating, it was hot, and R was hungry, it was a sacrifice).
We just knew exactly how she felt and wanted to HELP.
After attempting to unlock it from various angles, it finally came down to using a coat hanger through the door space, to get into the pocket of her book bag, pulling the keys out onto the seat, then out they squeezed through the tiny space in the door (this took 2 or 3 attempts).
A couple "woo woos"  were yelled (I may or may not have done a weird little dance), we exchanged names, said we didn't drink after she explained she was under 21 and couldn't buy us drinks (funny how at UGA they automatically think you want alcohol, ha). 
In the end, we were the ones who left feeling so elated!
 After all the help we have been given lately, it was nice to feel we were able to help somebody else for a change. 
It was a great day and absolutely made my weekend.


Stefani said...

Haha woo woo! You guys are adorable. And now I know who to call the next time I get locked out of somewhere!

Erin Elizabeth said...

My sister locked her keys in her car trunk before. We had to call a locksmith to ease the driver door open. Easy solution would be that once the door was open use the trunk opener latch, right? Well, her latch didn't work anymore. I had to jump in the back seat, fold down the center console and use a wire hanger that I straightened and a flash light to hunt for the keys. Oh, and the car alarm was going off the second the door was opened. It took me about 2 minutes to find the keys, hook them with the hanger and toss them to my sister but with the alarm going it felt like 10 minutes.