Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend, Movies, Coy Pond, and Hairiness!

Oh how I know y'all anticipate the weekly "weekend" pictures. Joking, joking... And yet, here they are!
This little girl gets really serious when she hears the word W-A-L-K

 R had a fun couple's walk planned around campus. 
She had the best time, tail did not stop wagging the entire walk. 

 Thought this would be a fun, creative pic until I realized how big my hips looked with my jacket tied around my waist (90's style).
I put this pic on here to make myself ok with my body. I am healthy, I work out, and I have always been a "shapely" woman... I need not be ashamed. 

Because this guy and this girl love me dearly. 

UGA Coy pond! 

Sunny drinking the yucky water. I'm sure the fish enjoyed her lapping up their home. 

I know his eyes are shut, but I loved this picture of R. It represents his happy, fun face so well! 

So gross, she loved that water. 

HUGE fish. 

We spent another weekend with no Internet or TV, so we watched Redbox movies! 

Hilarious, so hilarious. Dadadadada Circus! Dadada Afro! Circus! Afro! Circus Afro! 

Ah, The Lorax.... I have a bone to pick with the makers of this movie.... Why did the Once-ler's family have to be Southern bumkins who chopped up all the trees? For your information, Southerners have the greatest respect for our land and trees. Where else do people go to see so much green? We hate pavement, roads, sky rise cities, etc... We love the land, so get it right next time and put a yankee's accent in there! 
Other than that complaint, we loved it!! 

At the suggestion of a friend we saw this, it was good. My dad would like it. I covered my eyes on any parts that were violent. My easily impressionable brain can't handle it! 

No shave/weird mustaches November started at our house. 

To raise awareness about Men's Health and promote Cancer screenings, men don't shave or grow weird mustaches to raise awareness about men's health and the cancers that can kill our husbands, fathers, brothers, grandfathers, and sons.

Go to Movember and Sons to read more. 

Our friend (my former PT boss) was awarded The Fastbreak Inspirational Award from UGA. He is also the Founder of the Prostate Cancer Awareness Group "Save Our Dads".
Watch and listen to his amazing cancer surviving story here

This is week 1...

2 Facts for Y'all:
1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in his lifetime. 

In 2012, 242,000 new cases of the disease will be diagnosed and more than 28,000 will die of prostate cancer. 

Check back next week for mores facts and to see R get hairier and hairier! 

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Giggles said...

Sometimes I think the eyes closed pictures are the ones that express the most happiness. There are a few of me where I had to close my eyes to make room for a bigger smile.