Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving Gratitude

As I read back over last year's list, I can't help but feel ten years older. Only a year has gone We have been through some emotionally draining and stressful situations in the past year making me feel years older than the girl in the photo. It's been a long road, we are more knowledgeable, but less naive about how the world works. The Lord is in charge.  

Here is this year's Thanksgiving Gratitude List

Friendship. This past year has been filled with amazing, supportive friends who have prayed for us when we didn't pray for ourselves.

Our Athens apartment, so cozy, by far my most favorite home since we've been married.

Sunny. My dog is the most loyal, loving dog. She hasn't left my side this year, even when my heart was breaking she followed me and snuggled even closer. I love my sweet girl.

Milo for the laughter he brings. Crazy cat.

Clothing, blankets, food, shelter, comfy bed, soap/shampoo, and clean water.

My parents for being patient and allowing me to stay in their house, use their washer&dryer, and eat their food during the work week. They have been positive, supportive, uplifting, and more than generous with R&I during this time.

Georgia football! We've created fun memories thanks to the games!

Pinterest. Absolutely I just put it on here! So many great ideas and recipes, I love it.

Job security when others are suffering still.

For our Bishop who offers counsel and encouragement.

Education. UGA for educating R and BYU for educating me.

Modern medicine.

Our local gym for having great instructors and fantastic classes when I need them!

This blog and my readers. Y'all have sent uplifting comments, sweet e-mails, and inspiring thoughts my way and I really appreciate each and every one!

Books, books, books! Reading is a great outlet for hard days and I wouldn't have a job without books...ha!

And to my sweet hubby, I am so grateful for him. He is the most supportive, caring person in my life. He gets me. We have grown into an unbeatable couple, he keeps life full of surprises and full of love.  

 Sunny would like to wish you and yours a Happy Holiday Season!!


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