Sunday, November 4, 2012

So the only time anything really fun happens around here is on the weekends. Weekends are when the magic happens.

This past weekend we had a fun adventure Friday afternoon (come back by Wednesday to find out what happened) and spent the evening watching The Big Bang Theory after eating fish and steak tacos at our favorite Mexican Restaurant.

Saturday we met up early with some friends of ours to do a little Mormon tail gating before UGA's game against Ole Miss... this included eating fried food, various cookies, Root Beers, and Mountain Dews! We walked around the pre game activities then went back to our car. No tickets for us this time, but we weren't looking to go, just there for the atmosphere. Once we were back in the apartment I was covered....

 By blankets and really needy pets....
Sweet Sunny is smiling, so happy to have everybody home!

 Who were cold like me!
I brushed Milo's hair earlier, I think he was repaying the favor here.

My view of the couch. What is that saying about cats? They ignore you until you have a book or want to watch TV then they are in your face? Yeah, that is Milo.

Have some fun posts for the blog this week! Stay tuned!

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