Friday, November 30, 2012

Practicing My Skills

My cousin asked me to take their Christmas family pictures this year. I was very flattered by her offer and I definitely needed practice with photographing kids! My mom tagged along with me to see the boys and be my assistant in making them smile.

I was so proud of how they turned out and completely humbled by my cousins love of them (she has had professionals do them for the past 5 years and who am I to compete with that!). So I am sharing my favorites with y'all.

We took them at their home and in their neighborhood's park. The baby, Brantley, was fussy at first. He is the happiest baby, but for some reason that day was not the day to have a camera on him...until he had a little snack. Then we got some great shots of his cuteness! 


Barrett wanted me to play with him on their backyard slide, so I bribed him with that throughout the session "if you give me a good smile, we will throw the ball! If you give me a big smile we will go down the slide!" Over and over again. Afterwards, we played because I don't break promises to sweet babies! I also brought my own change of clothes knowing he would want to be outside with me, he loves Aunt Whitney! 



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