Monday, November 5, 2012

It Took A Year

So what happens when the Internet is off and we've watched the rest of The Big Bang Theory episodes? The hot glue gun comes out and projects finally get completed.
I want to say a warning to all my readers! The scar above happened when I was helping my mom glue together a puzzle. A piece stuck to my hand and while my mom was saying, "don't touch it," I did... I ripped it right off. So don't do that, ok? Be careful! I was very young when this happened much like dropping a can of soup and splitting my toe open.... my mother was wonderful, I was just a very rough, clumsy kid. Ah, but I digress... 

This project began a YEAR ago. My friend Erin will probably recognize these cute little ladies from our conference trip, yes a year ago, when we stopped by Michael's.... I was looking for buttons and came out with these.

Y'all may recognize this fabric from when I covered our hot mess of a bookshelf, also over a year ago... It warms my heart to know I have been on Pinterest now for a solid year! I want to say in my defense, that bookshelf has been cleaned out thoroughly and I will post pictures soon to show it off!

 OK! Back to my project. This has been on going. My mom and I pinned and hot glued this fabric to the foam square and this canvas that R so graciously donated to my project.
I painted this lovely B with the same red I'll be painting our new dresser with (more on that later).

 Hot glued this baby together
Added the B and the sweet lady bugs, hoping they will bring us good luck!
Final product! I am really happy with how it turned out. It will be hung on the wall eventually, still not sure where I want to place it....look for that post in 2013.


Erin Elizabeth said...

Wow, that is adorable! The ladybugs are just too cute.

Giggles said...

I love the movement you get with that fabric.