Friday, November 23, 2012

Breaking Dawn Part Deux and A Fiesty Older Gentleman

R and I went to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 , isn't he a sweet hubby? He was eye balling the James Bond: SkyFall poster
and mentioned it when we were at the ticket counter, but we both knew what was about to go down. We spent the day before watching car shows (y'all know the ones... where they "flip" it) so I was due...
 I enjoyed the movie. I was excited to see it finally finish. It took me years to actually read the books (after every girl on the planet suggested them to me), loved them when I did, but I wouldn't call myself a Twihard either. I thought it was a nice way to end it and loved the credits at the end, very personal touch!
We had a doctor's appointment the same day, so we drove up early to see the movie. We took a nice walk around the pond next to the theater. It was a very pretty day.
And as momma says, "don't take pictures of scenery without a person in it." So here are some of us on our walk!
 I have permission from R to share the following story from our doctor's appointment.
When we arrived at the doctor's office, they asked for a urine sample (how else can I delicately put that). R went off to the bathroom and not two seconds after he was in there an older gentlemen comes to sign in and they give him a cup as well. He notices the door is shut and says, "well someone's in there!" The nice assistant says, "he'll be through in a minute, just go to the waiting room". So he and his wife come sit by me. Here's their conversation:
"I have to fill this cup up, but somebody's in the bathroom!" as he shoves the cup in her face.
Wife: "What do you want me to do about it? Do you want me to fill it up for you?"
"No, no! I'll go get the Dr. and tell him he's got someone taking up the bathroom! What could he be doing in there?!"
Wife: "O no you won't, just sit down and read a magazine."
"I should go down to the house and get my rifle, that'll get him out of the bathroom!"
Wife: "Oh stop it now, stop it!"
R comes walking out of the bathroom and sits down next to me. At this point I would think they would be slightly embarrassed seeing as it is obviously my husband who was occupying the bathroom for the 5 minutes he was in there, but they weren't embarrassed... at all.... 
So the older gentleman does his business and comes back.... 
"This waiting room is so full we won't see the doctor till 6:30 tonight." (there were 3 other people in the room, he was up next after us).
 "This is taking too long."
Wife: "Just read a magazine."
He slaps the one in her hand and let's out a "grmph."
"I think I'll tell them I want to come back another time, there are too many people."
Wife: "If you do that we will just have to come back later and we'll have to do this all over again, just wait a minute."
"NO! I want to make another appointment." He walks off to the desk.
"Sir, may I help you?"
"Y'all got so many people out there waiting, I don't want to wait. I've been sitting at the house waiting for this appointment and now I'm not going to sit up here and wait with those people."
"Sir, your appointment is at 3:30, (it's 2:15), those people are ahead of you on the schedule." 
"I don't want to wait! Make me another appointment, in the morning!"
So they work out a time and he walks over to his wife, slaps the magazine out of her hand (for the second time), and they leave the office.
She decides to take the stairs...
"You don't want to ride the elevator?"
Wife: "NO!"
"Well what's the matter with YOU!?"
Once they were gone, the entire waiting room stopped holding their breath and looked up at each other (we all had our faces buried in various entertainment) and smiled. We were all relieved. This entire ordeal happened in under 15 minutes. I kept watching the clock out of nerves wondering what this older gentleman was going to do.
Just goes to show there are loving spouses who understand and happily endure those grouchy days with a smile and a little sassiness....

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