Friday, November 16, 2012

Big Project

Because we live in two different cities.
 Because we would rather watch TV than spend the weekend sanding wood.
Because I don't feel like getting out of bed.  
Because I'd rather make waffles on Saturday morning than paint a drawer.
Because I'd rather go to the Georgia game. 
Because we never use that room anyway. 

All reasons why we haven't completed the sanding and painting of these lovely Chester drawers or chest of drawers....whatchamacallit....(can we rename this please?). 
When we first moved to Athens, we went to Goodwill to drop off some items and browse. We found this piece made of REAL wood, which according to my mom qualifies it for our apartment. 

Oh, it was a disaster to behold, but we all saw the potential. 
 R sawed off these lovely flat footed feet, which we hope to replace with these super fancy new ones. 
Ah, we are getting closer to showing why it was so hideous. White drawers, yellow, and green. With SEASHELLS!! Yes! Yes! 

My hubby stripped all these pieces off. Those are all the additions the former owner decided to put on this super nice dresser and then paint it yellow and green.... My only explanation for them is maybe they were in a Sorority?!??!
This will definitely be an ongoing project. But I am happy to say it's transformation has begun! 
It's home will be in our office which is SLOWLY coming along, but looking better and more organized everyday, you know how I like it! 


Kate & Alex said...

I have tried to leave comments on like a hundred of your blog articles. This is the first time I've had luck. You are so darn crafty, I have to hate you just a little bit. You put me to shame.

Whitney Brown said...

Kate this project is going to take A WHILE to complete! I am nothing to admire hahahha. I have a lot of help too!